The Next Logical Step…

There’s something in your life you have been wanting- perhaps for a while or perhaps for only a few moments. Either way, I have a tip to help you figure out whether or not you are on track to getting what you want. I study a lady named Esther Hicks who provides excellent insight on the Law of Attraction, and how it actually works. She talked about what she calls “the next logical step” being a feeling that you get when you expect a certain thing to happen. I’m going to share with you what I learned from her because it has been very helpful in my life and business.

Often times in our businesses we have dreams and goals that are “larger than life” as I like to say. Some of us want to go public or make it in Forbes or grow a business to a billion dollars. While there’s nothing wrong with these goals, sometimes we say we want these goals, but they are so big to us, we cannot imagine them ever happening. It’s just one of those things that we say “would be nice”. And, THAT dear friends is why it will never happen! If you take a moment and really think about something that you’ve wanted in the past, and then later received it, wouldn’t you agree that you had this sense of KNOWING you were going to receive it before you actually did? By knowing I don’t mean you knew the details or circumstances around HOW it would happen. You just sort of had this confidence that it would happen. Think about the energy of wanting a cup of tea. When you go into your kitchen to open the cabinet to pull out your favorite tea cup, your energy is that of KNOWING your cup is there. You’re not walking down the hall with your fingers crossed begging and praying for it to be there. You know it’s there! You walk down the hall with ease and perhaps even absent-minded. You open the cabinet, reach for the cup, and begin preparing for tea. This is the exact kind of energy that must be present in order for you to reach any and every goal in life. You have to basically FEEL as if you have it before you physically have it.

“Isn’t this a law firm? Why are you talking about LOA?” you might ask. Frankly, HLG is not your average business and entertainment law firm. While we post business topics that are more “professional” or “legal in nature”, I know from experience that the proper mindset is necessary in order to achieve any level of success as an entrepreneur or an entertainer. So, if I did not present topics such as this one, I would feel like this blog would be a lie- because I understand where my successes and failures have stemmed from. All the resources in the world on accounting, contracts, marketing, systems, etc. can’t do anything for a mind that does not believe in himself or herself. Belief that you can do it is at the foundation of building a business. So, let’s go back to this whole concept of “the next logical step”. If you say that you want a black Range Rover, but the thought of you getting one feels like a big fat “WOW!!!! That would be SOOOOOO AWESOME”, then you will not get a black Range Rover because you feel like you can’t really have one. Your energy suggests it’s out of reach. If, on the other hand, you want that same car and it feels like a simple stroll down the hall to get your favorite tea cup to have a cup of tea, then you are on the right track energetically, and will get that car at some point in time because it doesn’t feel out of reach, and it feels like “the next logical step”- just like when you opened the cabinet expecting your tea cup to just be there. Of course it was there! THIS is the attitudinal requirement that must exist before you get the thing that you want.

So, my advice is if you have been reaching for a few things in your business that feel slightly out of reach, then temporarily reach for something else that feels more like “the next logical step”. What this does is it puts you in a place of being able to achieve something you actually believe NOW. When that happens, you gain confidence. When your confidence increases, so does your belief. You will start to believe you can be, do, and have more. And, the great thing is- you’re right! Try it and let me know how it works out.

To The Next Logical Step,


About Priscilya M. Hawkes, Esq.

Hawkes Law Group P.C. serves business owner creative-types with "larger-than-life" dreams.
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