Need An extra $1,500 Per Month?

Although we are a law firm, we are committed to sharing any information that helps you grow your business and your bank account.

Just one short week ago, a client of the firm who specializes in film production followed advice given to him during our “Emergency Business Development Strategy Session” . He is working on his own film project but wanted to find a way to make what I call some “in the meantime money”. Obviously a lot goes into the creation of a film, then when it’s complete it may or may not be monetized in a “timely fashion”-if at all. So the mission was clear when we sat down to meet: Show him the money!

There’s too much to it to post here, but the advice resulted in him landing his first client ever, and that client being willing to pay him $1,500 for him doing what most people in that profession get $1,000 or less for. This all happened literally 1 day after our Emergency Business Development Strategy Session.  Here’s what I helped him with:

1. Creating value
2. Communicating that value to prospects (a la The Sales Conversation)
3. Charging a fee that is higher than what most charge for the same service

We basically monetized a skill he already had. What skills are you able to monetize right now? Let me know in the comments, then go out and do it! If you’re an entrepreneurial type in entertainment, you’re going to probably want some “in the meantime” money until your project blows up. Today is a great day to go get it.

About Priscilya M. Hawkes, Esq.

Hawkes Law Group P.C. serves business owner creative-types with "larger-than-life" dreams.
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1 Response to Need An extra $1,500 Per Month?

  1. Mara says:

    I am very savvy in consulting people who own businnesses get to the next level. I just need to get some type of fee schedule together.

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