3 Tips To Controlling Your Emotions While Selling

Here at Hawkes Law Group P.C., we have the privilege of serving business owners and entrepreneurial types in the entertainment industry. This means people are trusting us with their goals, dreams, and their life’s work. People are often attached to their businesses and brands in a way that is similar to a mother’s attachment to her child. This obviously is not a bad thing, but it can be in business if not managed and controlled properly.

As an entrepreneur the last thing you want to be doing is making emotional decisions. Things never turn out well. Check out what a mentor of mine, Jerry Acuff, has to say about controlling your emotions in business. His post refers to selling, which I think is perfect because as an entrepreneur, you’re automatically a salesperson! More on this in another post…


About Priscilya M. Hawkes, Esq.

Hawkes Law Group P.C. serves business owner creative-types with "larger-than-life" dreams.
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1 Response to 3 Tips To Controlling Your Emotions While Selling

  1. luttrellg says:

    A law group page with a firm foundation in sales? Love it. As humans, we are always selling whether we know it or not, and these three tips are absolutely excellent for becoming better at something so fundamentally part of business and social living.

    Looking forward to connecting further with you!

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